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multivariate infometric analysis S.r.l.

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The scientific responsible for the company is Dr. Paolo Benedetti and the administrator is Dr. Monica Clementi. Part-time contributions are given by other people educated in the Perugia group, including Dr. Manuel Pastor, presently at IMIM (Barcelona, SPAIN), who wrote most of the codes of our products.

Fields of work

The main field of application is drug discovery and design by merging molecular modeling techniques and QSAR methods into 3D-QSAR models.

The same chemometric strategies can also be used in food chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, geochemistry, image analysis, process and product control and optimization, and any other problem solving field.

Cooperating companies

Our main cooperating company is Molecular Discovery LTD, that developes and distributes the computational chemistry software GRID, the outputs of which are best suited for our products. Molecular Discovery is also distributing from the beginning of 2001 Volsurf, probably the most appropriate tool for modeling and predicting pharmacokinetic data, while other new tools are presently under development.

For general purposes in Windows environment we highly recommend using the software produced and distributed by Umetrics, namely SIMCA for data analysis and MODDE for experimental design and optimization.