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Our products

MIA develops software for chemometric analysis. Our specialities are tools to analyze, manipulate and transform molecular fields. Many of our tools proved useful in 3D-QSAR, pharmacodynamic optimization, and diverse fields of drug design and development.



GOLPE (Generating Optimal Linear PLS Estimations) is the state of the art chemometric toolbox for 3D QSAR. Designed and implemented by the same people using it in practical scientific work it implements everything which is needed to build, validate and interpret 3D QSAR models.

The curently distributed release is 12

TRIPOS relationship
The use of GOLPE in the field of 3D QSAR can break the patent held by Tripos Inc. on the CoMFA procedure. Because of this, MIA is allowed to distribute the program GOLPE only to TRIPOS customers with a valid license for the SYBYL QSAR/CoMFA module.




Miscellaneous chemometric software. 

How to order

If you wish to order a program you may start asking for a quotation writing to our general e-mail address mia@miasrl.com or by fax at the fax number +39 075 690285.

Where ready to order you are expected to download the related license agreement from our web site and send it, duly signed, to our fax, together with a proper purchase order if needed by your administration.

On receiving your licence order our officer will contact you giving instructions on how to download the program, its manual and tutorials, and how to proceed with the installation.

Under these circumstances the program will work for 365 days from the installation.